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Diana and dodi were murdered

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'Diana and Dodi were murdered' Dec 15 2003

Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed claimed that Diana, Princess of Wales, and his son Dodi were "murdered", as he launched his latest legal bid to have an official inquiry into their deaths.

Mr Al Fayed is seeking a judicial review of a refusal by Lord Advocate Colin Boyd QC to hold an inquiry in Scotland, where the business tycoon bought his first UK home.

At the Court of Session in Edinburgh Mr Al Fayed heard his lawyer, Richard Keen QC, say there were "numerous matters which cast material doubt" on the official explanation that the 1997 crash in Paris was an accident. A French inquiry concluded that driver Henri Paul, who also died, was drunk and on anti-depressants. He was found to be largely to blame for the fatal crash in the Alma tunnel.

But as he arrived at the court Mr Al Fayed said: "The most beautiful woman in the world was murdered with my son.

"I have been fighting for six years, but I can see the light and justice can be done."

In court, Mr Al Fayed's senior counsel said his client had reached the "reasonable belief that the life of his son Dodi may have been taken by force". Mr Keen said that "before any substantive investigation", the senior police officer in charge of investigating the crash, Commander Mules, had determined it was an accident attributable to Mr Paul being drunk.

But the QC told judge Lord Drummond-Young: "It is apparent even from the limited inquiries that the petitioner has been able to carry out that there are numerous matters which cast material doubt upon Commander Mules's simple hypothesis."

Mr Keen said British and American security services were monitoring Diana and Dodi in the month leading up to their deaths, on August 31, 1997. He also said Henri Paul may have been an MI6 informant. And on the night of the crash Mr Paul had taken a "highly unusual route" from the Ritz to Dodi's apartment.

Mr Keen also told the court the US National Security Agency has confirmed the Princess was the subject of monitoring at the time of the crash.

But he said more than 1,000 pages of documents relating to the crash could not be made public in America for "national security" reasons. The hearing continues.

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